These are our sale terms, in case something is not clear or wishes particular conditions to them,


All prices are expressed in Euro ( € ), they do not comprise VAT and shipment expenses, and they can endure variations without warning. 
In case of wrong indication of the prices on the order module, the price indicated on the list in vigor will be thought valid.



Warranty covers all the defects of fabrication within a year from the reception of the goods (if not different specified).
All the products not working for improper use will not be thought in guarantee and will be debited the eventual costs of repair.
All the products will be repaired and/or replaced directly from the producer.


Sale subject to D.L. 50 of the 15,1,1992: it is concurred the exercise of the right of recess within 10 (ten) days from the reception of the goods.
Network Shop totally guarantees the quality of  the service, exists however the possibility to exercise the recess right. The purchases carried out through this situated one are subject to the norm previewed from the 15 D.L. January 1992 n.50: the customer can therefore exercise the right of recess within 10 (ten) days from the reception of the product.
Attention: for all the products the confection must be given back perfectly integral and be sealed. If the confection will turn out opened it will not be possible to recess.
For any other information to the exercise of the recess right it is prayed to contact us by  email .

PRIVACY (LAW 675/96)

To the senses of Italian Law 675/96 one declares that compiling the module of order (email or fax), or sending the own personal data, the customer authorizes Network Shop to the detainment of the own personal data.
The aforesaid data will be in the availability of the single Network Shop, which them will be able to closely use for the shipment of informative material legacy to the situated one.
To the senses of article 13 of law 675/96, the customer straight has of access to the own data let alone the right of ask us, anytime, the erasure, the transformation in anonymous shape, the block of the data dealt in law violation, the modernization, the rectification and integration.