Economic Air mail shipping for all  destination worldwide.

  • Delivery in 5 days for Europe, and up to 2 weeks for the rest of the world.

  • COD service is available only for EU (NO Greece, UK, Ireland, Netherland, Finland), Switzerland and Norway Limited to Euro 100..

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  • Fast shipping for all destination worldwide, 24 hours for Europe, Usa and Canada.

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GLS Internazional Shipping for Europe

  GLS provides the reliable transport of parcels and packages from pick-up to delivery throughout 34 European states.

  • Ground shipping by Truck for all Major town and neighbouring.

  • Delivery Time:
    24 hours within a given country and selected border regions
    48 hours between neighbouring countries
    72 hours or more for longer distances

  • Price for collo, Parcels max weight Kg 50, COD Not available.

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